Meet the Team

The event is run by an all-volunteer personnel, comprising of professionals and students from various disciplines in

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the User Experience and related fields. We appreciate any help we can get, from sponsors to volunteers who somehow find the time from their busy schedules to help out with this event. In alphabetical order:

David Nguyen

El Director

In someone else’s words: “David is someone who is always up for a challenge. He is skilled at many things and is always eager to learn more. He comes up with creative solutions to complex problems. He makes himself available to anyone who needs his assistance or advice, and is never shy to ask others for help as well.”

Thanks awesome person who wrote that about me! I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years as a Software Engineer to User Experience Designer. I’d say I’m an advocate for Customer Experience and love developing seamless User Experiences.

Alberta Soranzo

The Recruiter

Testing, critiquing, and making things better since forever. User Experience Lead, Information Architect and disruptor extraordinaire, across several continents and languages. At UCLA, Alberta develops strategies, workflows and interfaces for public health. She is passionate about big data and specializes in statistical analysis online query tools. She consults on strategy and IA for the RFK for Justice & Human Rights and other organizations. Notable hard skills: playing ice hockey and sarcasm.

You can reach her on Twitter at @albertatrebla.

Crystal Ehrlich

Sponsorship Diva

UX Community Advocate / UX Design / Enterprise Software Design / Native Android & iOS Mobile App Design / POS Design / BI Dashboard and Data Visualization Design / Speaker

Justin Lascelle

Design Slayer

Justin specializes in Typography, Identity & Branding, Illustration, HTML / CSS, jQuery, CMS integration, Website User Interface Design, and Usability.

Noel Saw

Lead Web Monkey aka System Architect

Noel is the founder of many startups. His most recent are Neochrome, Inc. and He has been a Product and UX designer for over 15 years since 1996 before the term UX was invented. He is also currently a lead UX designer at Fabric Interactive in downtown LA. Noel lead his tech team at Neochrome to build/architect this outpost you’re visiting now.

Peter Amaraphomkul

Tech Guru

Peter is the guy who gets the video for our events and helps out anything tech related for the group. He is well in tune with designers, developers, and it folks as he is the CTO at BidMail.

Shraddha Swaroop

Sponsorship Specialist

Spreading the word of the event and so much more – Shraddha Swaroop is an award-winning designer in user experience, print and web design projects. Her expertise includes information architecture, user experience and visual design. Along with web and mobile design, her projects have included volunteering her time as a board member for the Orange County UX group and team member for Socal UX Camp 2015.